Oxford Boarding Kennels

  • Food: If your dog is on a special diet please let us know so that arrangements can be made prior to dropping them off.

  • Medications: Are your dogs medications (if any) packaged in their original container, indicating the patients name, medication name, strength, dosage, and prescribing veterinarian?

  • Special Needs: Have you alerted the us of any special needs your dog may have? We will need to make a note of these on your dogs file.

  • Emergencies: Have you left an emergency contact number for us in case of an emergency with your dog? In the event of a medical emergency we will contact the pet owner(s, and if unavailable the emergency contact will be called.

  • Personal Belongings: (toys, bedding, bowls, treats, leashes, collars etc). If you choose to leave belongings with your dog, please label them with your dogs name. Oxford Boarding Kennels provides all bedding and bowls.

  • Vaccines: Have you ensured that your dog is current on all vaccines required by us? Have you provided a copy of your dogs vaccine record for proof?

  • Vaccinations we require are: Kennel Cough, and the Vanguard 5 in 1 vaccine, which includes Parvo Virus, hepatitis and distemper.

  • Questions: Are there any questions you might have? Please ensure you have our business card, email address or phone number so that you can contact us with any questions about your dogs stay with us.