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Oxford Boarding Kennels


  • Boarding - no minimum or maximum stay
  • Day Boarding- a very cost effective option to keep your dog or dogs socialised, exercised and stimulated while you are at work for the day or heading to a special event or just doing house renovations where having your dog at home is not suitable.
  • All normal vaccinations are required.
  • We will care for your Pets as if they were our own.


  • Under floor heated rooms
  • Large grassed exercise and free play areas
  • Large covered outdoor runs
  • Top quality dry food
  • Room for 30 dogs including double kennels if required
  • Bedding supplied - but feel free to bring your dogs special blanket,but no toys please.

"Having planned a trip abroad for six weeks ,we were very determined to find the right kennels to board our 13 year old Border Collie x as he had only been boarded once and only for a few days.This particular Kennel was boarding up to 180 dogs at a time and had multiple staff numbers which ,to me, did not lead to a relationship with the dog and only a small number of carers. We chose Oxford Boarding Kennels as they board a nice size in terms of dog numbers and the relationship was a one on one with the owners. After having a chat with Anne and Vern we dropped our dog off and went on holiday knowing that our pet was in very capable and caring hands.We contacted Anne by email once during our trip and were reassured our dog had settled in well and was in good spirits! I thoroughly recommend the Kennels and will not hesistate in leaving our dog there again.Anne was very professional and the facility is superb.Wonderful!!! "  

Keith Harrison